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OCT 2021 Fall Conference

Sat. the 16th-Sun. 17th

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When we look at the happenings all around us and even in the church, we feel confusion and want stability instead. I submit it was no different in 1830, except they didn’t have covid-19 then. Look at this time as an opportunity to reflect on where we need to be as individuals and as a people. Below is an article that will call us to meditate and repent.

May 20, 2021


Notice to all concerned: It is of necessity that I, Joseph F Smith, President of the Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, have placed the following ministry under silence: Apostle Samuel Gould, and Apostle Peter Gould. They have chosen to operate contrary to the design and purpose of the Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This situation will remain until reconciliation can be made.



President of the High Priesthood