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this website is the current domain of Joseph F. Smith.

The purpose of this new website is to accurately consolidate only the pertinent information about the work of Joseph Smith, Mauricio Berger and the witnesses of North America and Brazil 

For The Cause of Zion.

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A Short Summary of the Contents of this Website

We are not ready – nobody is ready, but the Lord God is on the move. Over many years, He has spiritually groomed two different men to represent Him. Those two men live far apart – one in the United States, one in Brazil. The one in Brazil was guided to the one in the United States. 


The man in the United States is Joseph F Smith, great grandson to the prophet Joseph Smith Junior. For 23 years, Spirit led, he has been trying to unify a warring membership, calling them to lay aside their differences, celebrate their commonality, and unite.


The man in Brazil is Mauricio A Berger, who eventually, after a long history of searching, read a Book of Mormon and then like Joseph Jr., beseeched the Lord to show him which church to serve. He experienced angelic visitors which led him to a book of golden plates. He asked what to do with them. Eventually he was led to Joseph F. Smith.


The two men met more than once in 2017 and 2018 with well respected witnesses present and those plates were shown to all present at the time. The plates were critically examined, held, pages turned, instruments used to prove or disprove their authenticity. Aside from the fact that the witnesses could not intellectually find fault with the plates, the Holy Spirit bore witness in great power to all that the plates are real. The opened plates have been translated and it is hoped that a book will be published soon.


Of course for warring people, war is a comfort zone. And all the world is full of warring people including Church people in the U.S. and Brazil too. We know how to do war, not peace. So the effort involved in the above events has met with great adversity. Differences have not been laid aside and new ones have been found. But the Lord is moving, and His work will go on, if not because of us, then in spite of us.   


This summary is very short and leaves out a lot. Click on the tabs above to get the details.