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When we look at the happenings all around us and even in the church, we feel confusion and want stability instead. I submit it was no different in 1830, except they didn’t have covid-19 then. Look at this time as an opportunity to reflect on where we need to be as individuals and as a people. Below is an article that will call us to meditate and repent.

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Introduction to the following two articles:


There are questions that are in the back of the minds of many who are set up as servants of the Lord. Questions that continue to test our faith. Questions we have not been able to answer to our satisfaction. The failure of the Restoration, and the Churches thereof over the years should tell us that something went wrong, not just one thing, but an accumulation of errors or transgressions. The fault in all transgressions is derived from disobedience to the command of God in one way or another. As we believe we are very near the days of tribulation, should we not be interested in clearing away the traditions that have failed us? Shouldn't we be seeking to turn away from mistakes and misleadings, and strive to obey Gods commandments?