Action Plan



REPENT-U - that's what my father-in-law's license plate said. By having that plate made, Gramps was trying to make up for lost time. He noticed Zion hadn't happened yet, and he didn't feel like he had done enough for Jesus. With his advanced age, he hoped the warning to God's people from His license plate might be smiled upon by the Hosts of Heaven. That was many, many years ago. Gramps has gone to his reward. Was the license plate enough?

When we in this house heard Moroni's words, that honoring the Sabbath was required to live in Zion, we felt convicted. We didn't party on the Sabbath, but we always found ourselves late Saturday and Sunday afternoons catching up or initiating farm work that just didn't seem to get done the other six days. Not willing to give up living in Zion, we changed our ways. It's hard to change habits, but we find that as time passes there is a phenomenon occurring. We seem to be planning our life around the Sabbath. It's a different way of thinking. It's sort of like gearing our lives to God. We figure we need more of this.  And... our slogan is not about the other guy. Our license plates should read "REPENT-ME."

This part of the website is for helping us form a "repentance action plan" that will ready us to live in Zion.  It may contain classes, scriptures,and revelations. This perhaps is the most important part of the site. Click on the drop-down menu at the top under "Action Plan" to make your choice.