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Directly below you will find a declaration made by Mauricio A. Berger 8-25-19
Followed by Response from Joseph F. Smith and his counselors 8-29-19



 Declaration of Mauricio Artur Berger

English Version – Sunday, August 25, 2019




















Dear Brothers and Sisters of Independence, Missouri,


I am pleased to speak to you and greet you in the name of the Lord, and through the revelation given to those who are called in this second invitation of the last days. I have received a revelation of the great and wonderful work that the Heavenly Father has prepared for the people of Zion if they hear the voice of this call.


Monday, March 11, 2019 (with 25 days to the appearance of the restructured church on April 6, 2019 in Zion, by the hand of Joseph Fredrick Smith) I, Mauricio Berger, sent Joseph and all of his witnesses an e-mail reporting a revelation that I had obtained from the Lord Jesus Christ with the admonition not to allow a man whose past inhibits him from qualifying for the Priesthood of the Only Begotten Son of the Father (on account of the crime of child sexual abuse) and subsequent ordination to the office of high priest and apostle as called and to be ordained by Joseph Fredrick Smith on that occasion, contrary to what I had revealed.


In addition, the Church that God intends to re-establish with the name that was originally revealed in the early days of the restoration, “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” was changed after two days, when on April 8, 2019, Joseph Fredrick Smith renamed it as the “Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days,” contrary to Moroni’s guidance and the Sealed Book of Mormon itself.


These are the words of Joseph Fredrick Smith addressed to Mauricio Berger on this subject on August 1, 2019 that say: “(…) Know this that on Saturday, April 6th I named the Church “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” in the meeting that morning,. And the Saints will witness that fact. The following Monday we received from the State of Missouri a notice that we were not allowed to use this name. That the Church in Utah had complained and requested that we not use that name as it belonged to them. I was asked what to do and the Spirit gave me this name. “Restructured Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days” We are recreating the original as was given to Joseph Jr, and as directed by the words of Moroni.”

What words of Moroni that Joseph refer to?


In the revelations delivered by Moroni to me in person, he said that the Church would be restored with the rise of “The Sealed Book of Mormon”, with the original name that was revealed to Joseph Smith Jr. in the early days of the restoration, before changes were made in section 115 of D&C LDS, which was preserved “in the American public domain”; that the Church might emerge in these last days and be known as it was revealed, “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.


In this regard, I, Mauricio Berger, have repeatedly admonished Joseph Fredrick Smith and his supporters to resume the path as revealed by Moroni, Verse 97 – “that when there will be a consensus among his “elect” in Zion, it would be necessary again to organize priesthood quorums and their offices so that the covenant people could return to the original foundations of the church, and build the foundations of the apostles and prophets. ” That is, the apostles could only be summoned to structure the foundations of this organization, with the mutual consent between Joseph and I, through revelation from heaven. However, this was not the case with the opening of this second invitation, because Joseph was never in consensus with me to elect his apostles”. – “Recorded words of Moroni’s instructions to Mauricio Berger on a electronic device betwen 2012-2017 that are currently transcribed, cataloged in verses, and made available only to a select group of people, including Joseph F. and his witnesses.”


Because the admonitions were not followed by Joseph F. and his supporters, leading them to create another church, which does not correspond to the directions revealed by a messenger sent from Jesus Christ from heaven, who brought again the Mormon plates I, Mauricio Berger, I do not recognize the veracity of this church organized by Joseph Fredrick Smith nor the authority of its quorums.


Therefore I, Mauricio A Berger, now take the lead in this work in Zion and in the world, re-establishing the groundwork for the one and only authentic “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” as revealed to Joseph Smith Jr. in the early days of the restoration and establish “the name that His church would be known in the latter days” as revealed in Section 115: 3-4 LDS, before it was altered, but which remains unscathed in the original revelation, as found in the historical documents provided in “Joseph Smith Papers.”


It is worth noting that I, Maurício Berger, acknowledge the prophecies that fall on Joseph Fredrick Smith in relation to the linear priesthood and the promises made to Joseph Smith Jr; and its seed.


Zion is about to win, and I am not seeking war with my brother Joseph, but I invite him to stand beside me in this battle, not against the flesh, nor against one another, “but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12.


The heavens are hopeful that Joseph F. Smith will resume his rightful place beside me in this work, but the heavens are not limited to the obstinacy of a man and God can do his own work (2Nephi 27:21 LDS) His strange work (D & C 101:95 LDS) , “and think not to say within yourselves, that you are children of Abraham, and that “only you” have power to bring “chosen seed” unto our father Abraham ; for I say unto you that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham ( or unto Joseph Smith Jr.).” – Matt 3:36 Inspired Version


However, I hope that Joseph F. Smith will resume his rightful place with me in the presidency of the High priesthood in Zion, as described by Moroni, verse 101, which says:  “(…) many will be surprised that the claim that this translation must take place in two parts; the first to give the people of Zion a second chance to reestablish my church through a direct descendant of my servant Joseph Smith Jr; who cannot redeem my church without being willing to heed the advice of my servant Mauricio Artur Berger (…)”. – “Recorded words of Moroni’s instructions to Mauricio Berger on a electronic device betwen 2012-2017 that are currently transcribed, cataloged in verses, and made available only to a select group of people, including Joseph F. and his witnesses.”


In this regard, the Quorum of Apostles was not to be organized in the land of Zion (by Joseph) until Joseph Fredrick Smith was in consensus with me, Mauricio Berger, as revealed by Moroni, verse 97 of his recorded instructions. However, given the state of Joseph, it will be erected by me, Mauricio, just as the model revealed in the “Sealed Book of Mormon,” a First presidency and a Quorum of 12 disciples (Apostles) of Jesus Christ, as received by revelation, just as it was among the Nephites, with a First Presidency in the Americas, and another organized in Jerusalem with 12 Apostles and other priesthood quorums.


Therefore, it is determined that the First Presidency of Brazil will conduct the affairs of the kingdom in Zion, keeping alive the hope that rests upon the linear descendant until he returns and takes his proper place in Zion, OR there will be no other way for the Lord, than to fulfill the words prophesied by Joseph Smith Jr. when he said: “In regard to the building up of Zion, it has to be done by the counsel of Jehovah, by the revelations of heaven.” AND will fulfill, by the people of Brazil this prophecy: “If Zion will not purify herself, so as to be approved of in all things, in His sight, He will seek another people; for His work will go on until Israel is gathered, and they who will not hear His voice, must expect to feel His wrath. Let me say unto you, seek to purify yourselves, and also all the inhabitants of Zion, lest the Lord’s anger be kindled to fierceness. Repent, repent, is the voice of God to Zion; and strange as it may appear, yet it is true, mankind will persist in self-justification until all their iniquity is exposed, and their character past being redeemed, and that which is treasured up in their hearts be exposed to the gaze of mankind. I say to you (and what I say to you I say to all,) hear the warning voice of God, lest Zion fall, and the Lord swear in His wrath the inhabitants of Zion shall not enter into His rest.” .” – LDS History of Church Volume 1 pg 316.


In view of the abdication of Jonathan Felt and Joseph Fredrick Smith from their rightful positions, following different paths from the one the Lord has appointed them, until they return, the First Presidency that the Lord is forming in Brazil, according to the corresponding model to the presidency that existed between the Nephites in the Americas and another in Jerusalem, we will be acting together with leaders in Zion who have been and will be called to preside over the study centers and Schools of Prophets throughout the Northern Land. Until the First Presidency in Zion is resumed under the linear priesthood of the seed of Joseph Smith jr; or until the Lord calls one mighty and strong among the nations of the earth, who, having the scepter of power in his hands, he shall put the knowledge from this work like a cloak about himself, whose mouth will speak to the people of the Church in the last days, words of the everlasting Covenant of Christ, while his heart will be filled with zeal for the truth, ready from the foundation of the world to set the house of the God’s in order . – 2 Nephi 3:24 LDS. – Verse 12 of the recorded words of Moroni’s instructions to Mauricio Berger.


“I pray that God’s will is put first in Zion.”


Maurício Artur Berger

August 25, 2019


Declaração Oficial de Maurício Artur Berger

PORTUGUÊS – Domingo, 25 de agosto de 2019

Caros Irmãos e Irmãs de Independence, Missouri,


Tenho o prazer de vos dirigir a palavra e saudar-vos em nome do Senhor e, através da revelação dada aos que são chamados neste segundo convite dos últimos dias. Recebi um testemunho da grande e maravilhosa obra que o Pai celestial preparou para o povo de Sião se ouvirem a voz desse chamado.


Segunda feira, que foi 11 de março de 2019, faltando 25 dias para o surgimento da igreja reestruturada em 06 de abril de 2019, em Sião, pela mão de Joseph Frederick Smith, eu, Maurício Berger, lhe encaminhei um e-mail e a todas as suas testemunhas, relatando sobre uma revelação que eu obtivera do Senhor, Jesus Cristo, com a admoestação de não permitir que um homem, cuja passado o inibe de estar qualificado ao Sacerdócio do Filho Unigênito do Pai por conta de crime de abuso sexual infantil, e, subsequentemente ao ofício de sumo sacerdote e apóstolo assim como fora ordenado por Joseph Fredrick Smith nessa ocasião ao contrária ao que eu o havia revelado.


Além disso, a igreja que Deus pretende reestabelecer com o nome que fora originalmente revelado nos primórdios da restauração, “Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos últimos Dias”, fora mudado após dois dias, quando em 08 de abril de 2019, Joseph Fredrick Smith a renomeou como “Igreja Reestruturada de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos últimos Dias”, contrariando as orientações de Moroni e ao próprio Livro Selado de Mórmon.


Estas são as palavras de Joseph Fredrick Smith destinadas a Maurício Berger no tocante a este assunto no dia 1 de agosto de 2019 que dizem:
“(…) Saibam que no sábado, 6 de abril, nomeei a Igreja “Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias” na reunião daquela manhã. E o Santo vai testemunhar esse fato. Na segunda-feira seguinte, recebemos do Estado do Missouri um aviso de que não poderíamos usar esse nome. Que a Igreja em Utah reclamou e pediu que não usássemos esse nome como pertencente a eles.


Fui perguntado o que fazer e o Espírito me deu esse nome. “Igreja Reestruturada de Jesus Cristo dos Últimos Dias” Estamos recriando o original como foi dado a Joseph Jr e conforme dirigido pelas palavras de Morôni.”


Quais palavras de Morôni a que Joseph se refere?


Nas revelações que Morôni me deu pessoalmente, ele disse que seria restaurado com o surgimento da “porção selada” o nome original que foi revelado a Joseph Smith Jr. nos primórdios da restauração, antes que as mudanças fossem feitas na seção 115 de D & C LDS, que foi preservada “no domínio público americano”, a fim de que a igreja possa emergir nestes últimos dias e ser conhecida como revelada, “Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias”.


Em relação a isso, eu, Maurício Berger, por inúmeras vezes admoestei Joseph Fredrick Smith e seus apoiadores a retomar o caminho conforme revelado por Moroni, Verso 97 – “que, quando houvesse um consenso entre os seus ‘eleitos’ em Sião, seria necessário novamente organizar os quóruns do sacerdócio e seus ofícios, para que o povo do convênio pudesse retornar às fundações originais da igreja, e edificar os fundamentos dos apóstolos e profetas”. Ou seja, os apóstolos só poderiam ser convocados para estruturar as bases dessa organização, com o consentimento mútuo entre Joseph e eu, mediante revelação dos céus. Porém, não foi isso que ocorreu com a abertura desse segundo convite, pois Joseph jamais esteve em consenso comigo para eleger seus apóstolos. – Palavras gravadas das instruções de Moroni à Maurício Berger em um dispositivo eletrônico de 2012 à 2017 que atualmente foram transcritas, catalogadas em versículos e disponibilizadas apenas para um grupo seleto de pessoas, entre elas, Joseph F. e suas testemunhas.


Em razão das admoestações não terem sido atendidas por Joseph F. e seus apoiadores, levando-os a criar uma outra igreja, a qual não corresponde as orientações reveladas por um mensageiro enviado da parte de Jesus Cristo, vindo dos céus, o qual trouxe novamente as placas de Mórmon, eu, Maurício Berger, não reconheço a veracidade dessa igreja organizada por Joseph Fredrick Smith e a autoridade de seus quóruns.


Dito isso, assumo a liderança neste trabalho em Sião e no mundo, restabelecendo as bases para a única e autêntica “Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias”, conforme revelado a Joseph Smith Jr. nos primórdios da restauração e estabelecer “o nome que Sua igreja seria conhecida nos últimos dias”, como revelado na Seção 115: 3-4 SUD, antes de ser alterada, mas que permanece incólume na revelação original, como encontrado nos documentos históricos fornecidos em “Joseph Smith Papers”.


Cabe aqui ressaltar que, eu, Maurício Berger, reconheço as profecias que que recaem sobre Joseph Fredrick Smith em relação ao sacerdócio linear e as promessas feitas a Joseph Smith Jr; e sua semente.

Sião está prestes a vencer, e eu não estou procurando guerra com meu irmão José, mas convido-o a estar ao meu lado nesta batalha, não contra a carne, nem um contra o outro, “mas contra os principados, contra as potestades, contra os príncipes das trevas deste mundo, contra a iniquidade espiritual em lugares elevados”. – Efésios 6:12.


Os céus têm esperança de que Joseph F. Smith retome seu legítimo lugar ao meu lado nesta obra, mas os céus não estão limitados à obstinação de um homem e Deus pode fazer seu próprio trabalho (2Néfi 27:21 SUD) sua obra estranha ( D & C 101: 95 SUD), “e não pensem em dizer dentro de si mesmos, que vocês são filhos de Abraão, e que ‘somente’ vocês ‘têm poder para trazer’ semente escolhida ‘a nosso pai’ Abraão; pois digo a vocês que Deus é capaz dessas suscitar dessas pedras filhos para Abraão (ou para Joseph Smith Jr.)”. – Mat 3:36 Versão Inspirada


Contudo, mantenho esperança de que Joseph F. Smith retome seu lugar de direito ao meu lado na presidência do sumo sacerdócio em Sião, assim como descrito por Moroni, verso 101 que diz: “(…) muitos ficarão surpresos com a alegação desta tradução ter de ocorrer em duas partes; a primeira para dar uma segunda chance ao povo de Sião, de reestabelecer minha igreja através de um descendente direto de meu servo Joseph Smith Jr; o qual não pode efetuar o resgate de minha igreja sem que esteja disposto a ouvir os conselhos de meu servo Maurício Artur Berger (…)”. – Palavras gravadas das instruções de Moroni à Maurício Berger em um dispositivo eletrônico de 2012 à 2017 que atualmente foram transcritas, catalogadas em versículos e disponibilizadas apenas para um grupo seleto de pessoas, entre elas, Joseph F. e suas testemunhas.


Em relação a isso, não será organizado o quórum de apóstolos na terra de Sião até que Joseph Fredrick Smith entre em consenso comigo, Maurício Berger, assim como revelado por Moroni, verso 97 de suas instruções gravadas. Mas será erigido, conforme modelo revelado no “Livro Selado de Mórmon”, uma primeira presidência e um quórum de 12 discípulos (apóstolos) de Jesus Cristo, conforme revelação recebida, assim como era entre os nefitas, havendo uma Primeira presidência nas Américas, e outra organizada em Jerusalém, com 12 apóstolos e demais quóruns do sacerdócio.


Portanto, está determinado que esta primeira presidência do Brasil conduzirá os assuntos do reino em Sião, mantendo viva a esperança que repousa sobre o descendente linear até que ele retorne e tome seu devido lugar em Sião, ou não haverá outro caminho para o Senhor, do que cumprir as palavras profetizadas por Joseph Smith Jr. ao povo do Brasil, como ele disse:
“Com respeito à edificação de Sião, ela terá que ser feita pelo conselho de Jeová, pela revelação do céu.”
“Se Sião não se purificar, de modo a ser aprovada em todas as coisas à vista Dele, Ele procurará outro povo; pois Sua obra prosseguirá até que Israel esteja coligada, e aqueles que não derem ouvidos à Sua voz devem aguardar Sua ira. Digo-lhes que procurem se purificar, e também todos os habitantes de Sião, para que a ira do Senhor não se acenda em fúria. Arrependam-se, arrependam-se, é a voz de Deus para Sião; por estranho que pareça, é verdade, a humanidade persistirá se justificando até que todas as suas iniqüidades sejam expostas e seu caráter não possa mais ser redimido, e o que entesouram no coração seja exposto para ser visto por todos. Digo para vocês (e o que digo para vocês digo para todos) ouçam a voz de advertência de Deus, para que Sião não caia e para que o Senhor não jure em Sua ira que os habitantes de Sião não entrarão em Seu descanso.” – LDS History of Church Volume 1 pg 316.


Em vista da abdicação de Jonathan Felt e Joseph Fredrik Smith de suas posições legítimas, seguindo caminhos diferentes daquele que o Senhor os designou, até que retornem, a Primeira Presidência que o Senhor está formando no Brasil, de acordo com o modelo correspondente à presidência que existia entre os nefitas nas Américas e outra em Jerusalém, estaremos agindo em conjunto com os líderes em Sião que foram e serão chamados a presidir os centros de estudos e escola de profetas em toda a Terra do Norte. Até a primeira presidência em Sião ser retomada sob o sacerdócio linear da semente de Joseph Smith Jr; ou até que o Senhor chame um poderoso e forte entre as nações da terra, que, tendo o cetro de poder em suas mãos, colocará o conhecimento desta obra como um manto sobre si mesmo, cuja boca falará ao povo da Igreja nos últimos dias, palavras do eterno Convênio de Cristo, enquanto seu coração se encherá de zelo pela verdade, pronto desde a fundação do mundo para pôr em ordem a casa do Deus. – 2 Néfi 3:24 SUD. – Versículo 12 das palavras gravadas das instruções de Moroni a Maurício Berger.


“Oro para que a vontade de Deus seja colocada em primeiro lugar em Sião.”


Maurício Artur Berger

Domingo, 25 de agosto de 2019



Joseph F. Smith and His Counselors
Respond to Mauricio A Berger





















August 29, 2019


Beloved Brother Mauricio A. Berger
Servant and High Priest of the Most-High God,


We, the presidency of the High Priesthood of this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, – So christened when restructured April 6, 2019 by command of our Lord Jesus Christ by divine revelation through His prophets in days past and present (including yourself) for which Zion is forever indebted to our God – if it were possible – even more so than in former days. We come to you now bearing this Olive Leaf of Divine desire for your good and the salvation of the saints of God throughout the world. It is incumbent upon us, to whom the saints of these last days are looking for guidance and direction, to commune in truth and righteousness with one another, to seek the welfare of Zion and the salvation of her children. God will not hold any of us guiltless if we do not act with the purest and noblest sentiments toward each other and the saints of God everywhere.


We have read your bold declaration and will not engage in the bait offered by the adversary to fight with you over those words, for we have been instructed by the Almighty:  Galatians 5:15 "But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another," and we are mindful of the more recent instruction: RDC16:4d " Contend against no church, save it be the church of the Devil." So, will we not contend with you, our beloved brother.


We wish to assure you, beloved, that we have neither rancor nor deceit in our hearts as we address you in this letter. God has shown us how great is your burden and your desire to serve, and that the wicked one desires to destroy you and us, separating us not only from each other but from our God - because we have been chosen vessels of God, and have been raised up in this age to deliver these words of hidden truth to the souls of the children of God – languishing in sin and error – bound down by tradition and priestcraft – assailed by evil and temptation on all sides. So has our God, in His tender mercy, chosen to raise His children out of this mire – not because of our worthiness, but only because of HIS WORD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which are immutable.


If it seems to you or to others, beloved, that the saints in Zion are not receiving the full benefit of those words and of that deliverance through the priesthood of the Son of God (restored according to His divine promises and prophesies) you should know that it is not our intent to excuse that lack. Rather it is our intent to assure you of two things in particular: Firstly, that this restructured remnant and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Zion will be freed from the bondage of long servitude to tradition. Secondly that notwithstanding our freedom from tradition, we will give our lives if necessary to uphold and ensure that she is never freed of the duty of service and loyalty due to the laws and commandments of the Almighty which were received at the opening of this last dispensation of labor.  


Laxity in Zion is a fact, because God will not renounce man's free will, and men will choose laxity. Because of this fact, we see especially the wisdom from the Sealed Book of Mormon to teach the setting aside of that laxity and to enjoin this work with full purpose of heart, some by smaller steps than others but all progressing to that very same end. 


Here is our desire, beloved, that you would join your labors with ours in building up the kingdom of our God. However, if you choose to cast aside this restructured remnant of Christ's Church in pursuit of some other goal, we will be greatly sorrowful; but WE WILL CONTINUE THIS WORK COMMISSIONED BY OUR GOD.


We wish to remind you, beloved, that our labors and rejoicing in this second invitation are now, and ever have been, because you were willing to believe God and great has been the rejoicing in Zion for your many sacrifices. We now have this opportunity by second invitation to the children of God. Without it, much that has been freed of shackles would still be languishing in the bondage of traditions and errors. We implore you, brother, not to continue to damage the value of your sacrifice in the eyes of God and all the saints, discrediting your own words which have brought forth so much good in this generation. God has shown us beforehand, this very day of your attack against the church in Zion. If you continue your attack against the brethren, all will see in their own eyes what we have seen though sacred visions that you would seek "complete control" of the bride of Christ by virtue of being chosen and exalted as seer, translator, and High Priest of God. God will not permit it!


We would far rather have words of strengthening counsel between us and so strengthen the body and bride of Christ that she might be "made ready"(Rev 19:7) for that great day of union to come. Let not the adversary have this advantage that we should not have the support one of another to bear us up in the trials we each face ahead.


Apostle and President of the High Priesthood - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Joseph F. Smith


Apostle and 1st Counselor to the President – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:
Peter Gould

Olives on Wood Background


Clarifying a Confusion


Editor's Note: Brother Joseph asked me to post the questions and answers below. They were emailed to him, but they are also posted on The Cause of Zion website. Since we have Brother Mauricio's permission to use his writings, (see copy of forwarded email below), we have copied these questions and his replies and have posted them here. In response to the questions and answers below, I, the editor of this website (For the Cause of Zion), see some inconsistencies which seem confusing and/or incorrect. The message starts off one way and ends up another. I have not watched The Cause of Zion website as closely as I use to, but I have at least kept up with it, and I can't help noticing that something seems "off." Starting about half way down the text, the underlined statements and my notes in red are what I am referring to. I'm sure I don't know the "whole story." I myself am not an "Independence insider." I am flummoxed. Maybe you are too. In my efforts here, I am trying to bring some clarity to the confusion that might be experienced by anyone reading the manuscript here or on the other website.


As of 4.2.19 -  I notice it has been deleted from The Cause of Zion website,
but I feel the confusion it has caused still needs to be addressed.


Official Note From Maurício A Berger

Posted on 3-29-19


Maurício Berger’s official note regarding to the questions he received recently from some members of restoration in Zion.

Is it true that Joseph started a new church?

It grieves me that there is some that distort the right understanding  in relation to the call of brother Joseph in Zion. For, though he may seem like an awkward clay compared to what is expected of him, he is humble enough to be shaped in the hands of God for fulfilling the purpose of his birth on Earth. I myself saw this when he received from my hands the high priesthood and the keys of the Kingdom, as required by Moroni, when this angel empowered me to carry these keys, for how much I live, for the purpose of setting in order the Kingdom of God on earth, under the linear promise extended by God to the righteous offspring of Joseph Smith Jr. – RLDS D&C 107:18b-18c / LDS 124:57-58.

Therefore, according to  instructions of Moroni and prophecies that fit Joseph Fredrick Smith (RLDS D&C 84:3a-3b/ LDS 86:8-10) regardless of some of his personal precepts and traditions that permeate his decisions, in the light of my understanding, his misconceptions do not invalidate the work of our Father in Zion. Therefore, he fulfills the role assigned by Moroni to restructure the foundations of the Church of Jesus Christ by calling the Apostles, who according to the Angel Moroni, “are the foundations of the Truth of Christ” to restart the process of restructuring the authentic gospel restored in the mid-nineteenth century. – Ephesians 2:20

Is it true that we will all be destroyed if we are a part of Joseph’s new church?

I’m right to say that no! Almost all who follow this work are well aware of the harm they will cause themselves if they do not accept to walk alongside Joseph in Zion, even considering their attachment to some traditions.

Is it true that we are not to support Joseph at all?

If this question refers to supporting Joseph or Mauricio, I affirm that there is no way to support one, without supporting the other. I tell you, you must not bring evil judgment against an anointed of the Lord. We both walk in the same direction, although it is prudent and absolutely necessary to clarify here in this message that God, before the foundation of the world, decreed that Joseph has his own work in Zion, for how much, I was assigned to do another work in Brazil and in the world, that in the future, will converge for the same purpose: “To rescue Zion.”

Is it true that a few women are the only acceptable saints in Zion?

It is true that God has a special purpose for women in this work. Moroni has said more than once that they will play an important role in the future ransom of Zion. But to argue that only a few women are the only acceptable saints in Zion is inappropriate, since the effort of both men and women is notorious (I think he means a word like "necessary") to build this work.

Is it true that Roberta now speaks for Mauricio instead of Joseph, and is the sole representative of the work in Brazil?

It is true that Joseph F. Smith was commissioned to be my spokesman to a people whose language I can not speak and thus fulfill the prophecies (Isaiah 28: 1; RLDS 2 Nephi 2: 32-37 / LDS 3: 17-18 ), but Joseph did not always expose my words to the people of the United States, but many times he used his own precepts to spread this work in Zion. Therefore, for Joseph did not represent fully me, I found on The Cause of Zion a way to expose the truths that were necessary. Where is this done on The Cause of Zion? I can’t find anything.

By not agreeing with some truths revealed by me, because of his rooted precepts, Joseph created a second website where Joseph set out his own understanding. Where is this done on the second website?

You can be sure that I do not privilege anyone with this, I only use the means God has provided for me to achieve an end common to all.

Yesterday The Cause of Zion made a post that says there will be NO services in Zion for April 6. Was that statement authorized by Mauricio?  Where is that said on The cause of Zion website? I cannot find it. Was it removed? Or was it never there?

No one, not even I, Mauricio Berger, has the right to be among the designs of God, determined to restructure his church on April 6 in Zion by the hands of a descendant of Joseph Smith Jr. as originally required by the angel Moroni and to claim, without any revelation that there will be no services in Zion for the 6th of April, since it is determined by the command of the heavens, that such should happen. It is a fact that I disagree with the arbitrary position taken by Joseph in calling for the office of High Priest (apostle) a man who, in my view, does not correspond to the divine demands.

The heavens cry out that the true apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ should not raise their hands in favor of this man, so that the Church of Christ will stand in these last days, supported by the foundational columns (apostles) which will be paramount to keep the church standing when our dear prophet Joseph dies.

We are getting conflicting messages. One says Joseph is Mauricio’s spokesman, and one says Roberta is Mauricio’s spokesman. Yesterday’s post on the Cause of Zion gives the message that Mauricio is no longer working with Joseph, since it does not acknowledge the service in Zion. Where does it say that? I can’t find it. Another post from yesterday shows pictures of the group in Brazil painting the church. Since Roberta was given those pictures, and not Joseph, it appears that Mauricio has split from Joseph, and is not using Roberta as the spokesman. Who’s talking here? I think maybe the second word “not” is supposed to be the word “now," but still, how is this assumption being made? Many people are looking for clarification on these things, and others are simply leaving the movement because of the confusion. Maybe this is true – maybe it isn’t. Confusion is certainly here in this writing along with a conflicting message.

There is no choice of sides here. I have always used The Cause of Zion as the sling of a David to overthrow apostasy. Where has this been done on The Cause of Zion? Throughout the past, I have looked many times, but I see very little of Mauricio’s own words. I made the photos available in the Cause of Zion since Joseph never invited me to use his site. Where does brother Mauricio get the idea he has not been approached by Joseph in regard to using his (Mauricio's) contributions. Please see the Feb. 19 copied emails between Brother Joseph and Brother Mauricio below. No, Joseph did not "invite" Mauricio to use his site. Joseph asked Mauricio for permission to use Mauricio’s, Joni’s, Valdeci’s and Vagner’s writings. That permission was granted. Is there a difference between “invite” and asking permission? Since that permission was given, For the Cause of Zion has posted contributions from brother Mauricio and the other Brazil men. We would like to post more. God does not see “sides” among the churches of His people, so I also do not have walls that limit me to take the cause of God forward. I will use any website that will allow me to do the work of the Lord.

Email correspondence between brother Joseph and brother Mauricio below asking for permission to post.


Joseph F. Smith <>

Tue, Feb 19, 5:09 PM

Begin forwarded message:


Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ

If Joni, Valdeci, and Vagner will give me permission I would like to post their testimonies on my new web site.  Also would like Mauricio’s permission also.  Any testimony from those working with you, that you feel would help the work here I would appreciate also.

My prayer is that this finds you well and enjoying God’s special blessings
Your brother in Christ



From: Maurício Artur Berger <>

Subject: Re:

Date: February 19, 2019 at 4:06:22 PM CST

To: "Joseph F. Smith" <>


Yes, Brother Joseph ... our testimonies must be delivered to the world. It's good that it's on your site too.


Sim, irmão Joseph ... nossos testemunhos devem ser entregues ao mundo. É bom que esteja no seu site também.


Em ter, 19 de fev de 2019 19:00, Joseph F. Smith < escreveu:


January 9, 2019 USA-Brazil Email Correspondence

This correspondence refers to the December 16 restoring of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

-------- Original Message --------

Subject:message to Brazil

Date:2019-01-09 12:20

From:"Joseph F. Smith" <>





this is the communication to Brazil


Dear Brethren in Brazil

I send you greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I thought to send you an account of what we are doing and what we hav planned, so that your impression of us in this land is not arrived by rumors or incorrect information

Moroni's words stated that when we had a consensus we were to organize the priesthood and the Apostles. December the 16 we were involved in restoring the Melchizedek priesthood to those Elder that had been called before, the Lord giving direction, and now in the 20 day of January we will begin to organize the Elders.

Our plan is to have the Elders organized in quorums, and the Apostle called and organized, but they will not be ordained until the 6th of April. In this manner the Church will be completed on that day and prepared to move out and begin to present to the Saints the message of repentance and the turning to again graft their branches to the original tree, Jesus Christ..

May God bless our efforts.


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Date:2019-01-09 12:20

From:"Joseph F. Smith" <>





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From: Maurício Artur Berger <>

Subject: Re:

Date: January 9, 2019 at 9:38:57 AM CST

To: "Joseph F. Smith" <>

Cc: Joni Batista


Thank you, Brother Joseph, I see wisdom in this, may the Lord bless your work.

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Date:2019-01-09 12:20

From:"Joseph F. Smith" <>




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Subject: Re:

Date: January 9, 2019 at 10:50:21 AM CST


Reply-To: joni

Good news dear brother in the noble cause of our God. May we together work in the vineyard and bring good fruit to the living God. God bless all the people who are desirous of the good news ...

Joni Batista.

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Ativo 9 de jan de 2019 13:38, Maurício Artur Berger < mauricio.arturberger> escreveu:

Thank you, Brother Joseph, I see wisdom in this, may the Lord bless your work.


Em Qua, 9 de jan de 2019 13:06, Joseph F. Smith < escreveu:

Caros Irmãos no Brasil


Eu te envio saudações em nome de Jesus Cristo. Pensei em enviar-lhe um relato do que estamos fazendo e do que planejamos, para que sua impressão de nós nesta terra não seja obtida por boatos ou informações incorretas. As palavras de Morôni afirmaram que, quando tínhamos um consenso, deveríamos organizar o sacerdócio e os apóstolos. Em 16 de dezembro, estivemos envolvidos na restauração do sacerdócio de Melquisedeque aos anciãos que haviam sido chamados antes, o Senhor dando instruções, e agora, no dia 20 de janeiro, começaremos a organizar os Anciãos. Nosso plano é organizar os Élderes em quóruns, e o apóstolo convocou e organizou, mas eles não serão ordenados até o dia 6 de abril. Dessa maneira, a Igreja estará concluída naquele dia e preparada para sair e começar a apresentar aos santos a mensagem de arrependimento e a volta para novamente enxertar seus galhos na árvore original, Jesus Cristo. Que Deus abençoe nossos esforços. Joseph