David Gilmore


For The Cause of Zion

(Whole Transcript Below)


My name is David Gilmore.


The importance of what we are sharing is not lost on me. I have never in my life wanted, nor do I want now, to do anything other than to recommend to you Jesus Christ – He who was crucified and resurrected as our Savior. 


I want to bear my testimony of how that spirit that I’ve come to know in my life bore record of this work to me. I’m not one who’s given often to spiritual manifestations. I’ve never spoken with God as I speak to men.  I’ve never seen his words across the sky or heard His audible voice.


As I prepared to go on this trip after having been invited and sought the council of some very important people in my life, as to how to discern the spirit of God, I wanted Him to provide that for me. I wanted God to provide something - whether this work be true or false - that I would know without a doubt. And to me it would be that writing in the sky, that voice that I needed to hear.  And I went down with great concerns, and any question that I’ve heard since I’ve been back, is not one that’s unique to the person asking me, because I thought the same things. I wondered the same things. And then - I don’t think anybody’s questions are wrong. 


As I went down, from the minute the plane hit the ground and even in route I began asking whether that spirit that I’ve known in my life, the Holy Spirit, would testify of the validity of this work. And it did not come. And I’ve known in my life, I do not have the ability to conjure that Spirit, or force it into my life, or demand it whenever I want it. But that was consistent in my time down there as I listened and tried to absorb and take everything in. 


And as we were in Mauricio’s apartment on Sunday afternoon, we didn’t really have an agenda the whole weekend. But we were told that the plates were on their way, they weren’t there yet. We engaged in some worship and preparation. It was during those prayers that I began to reach the point of exasperation, as I had not yet felt the presence of that Holy Spirit in this trip. And as I began to focus those prayers on my proper place before God, that rightful humility that he calls us to, yet very self-centered. And I don’t mean that … I hope that’s received in the right way. I was concerned about what I was going to receive because I knew so many of my friends and family would want to know when I came home. And in the midst of that prayer, my mind was drawn to those whom I care about. And I realized that my heart broke then, and in my prayer, and that my offering in that worship service was that if this is the work of God, it’s not for our consumption.  It’s not for me. But it’s for the Salvation of the world; it’s a gift for all. And at that moment was the first time I felt that stirring within my heart. 


The plates were brought before us. We were given time to inspect them as we wished. And we were not manipulated in any way at this moment, or any other time during the weekend.  I can’t say that that selfsame Spirit continued during that time, but I was so interested in the details. But the Spirit bore witness to me in power when we moved through the sealed plates and came to a plate that none of us knew was there. But that image, that we’ve now referred to as the cover of the sealed portion (we’re creating new terminologies as we go along) - that depicted the return of God’s Heavenly City back upon the Earth. That is where my testimony and its fullness was received. 


I’m so glad that we’re here on the weekend in which we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for those disciples, the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection. I can imagine that the emotions would have ranged from total faith that He would come as He said and conquer death and the grave, to maybe a hope, to a mere belief, to skepticism, to completely writing it off. And it could have been anywhere in that continuum. But the important thing we will celebrate tomorrow is that the grave was empty. And that was the testimony. And his disciples went forth with power because God provided. He provided in his own time.


And so while we don’t control the days, we certainly control our preparation. We control how we act and the way we relate with one another. And I did not know these men well, if it all, before this trip.  But I have found … I have found a desire to be with them. 


And that’s the testimony I want to bare today.