For The Cause of Zion

Cabin by a Creek
A Dream
By Joseph F. Smith

Joseph tells his dream to Brother Bob Moore:

Br Bob


In the dream you and I were in a building. Outside by a stream was a fire, that had just about burned out.  I went outside to put more wood on the fire, but it started raining hard.  Then there was a flood that came and put the fire out completely.  The flood was deep and wide and the water dingy, not clear.  You had just placed a package on the porch where I was standing, that I saw was dry clothing. You were out in the water for awhile.  Then I saw that the water of the stream had receded and was crystal clear.  About that time a third man showed up with a pack on his back, and he said he had come to work.  I then woke up.


Now I have dreams now and then, but when I wake up in the day they are gone from my mind, this one has stayed with me for awhile. If you can figure anything out about this, let me know.

God bless

Reply from Brother Bob Moore



What an interesting dream!  I have some thoughts that I am willing to share with you.

Before I am specific, I would like to tell you a dream that an RLDS lady had in 1984 or 1985.  She said that a rain storm came and began raining very hard at the church (I assume, the local congregation that we attended).  She said that it was a terrible downpour that distressed the people and did not let up until Jesus came.  I applied that symbolism to your dream.


From 1995 until we met in 2011 you had been telling members of the Restoration that they should put down their differences and work together on what they could agree.  It was very wise counsel that caused some good things to happen.  But the fire was going out.  You could not keep it going, even after we started working together.

I assume that that was when I first appeared in the dream, I was in the flooded water.  I had not participated in the Unity Movement, but remained in the RLDS organizational fight—hence in the flood.  But when I came out, I brought you relief with support.


What is interesting to me is that the water starts to become clear.  Already there is some association between various parts of the Restoration. I believe that is the one goal of the flood. Two others are to wash away the falsehoods that have crept into the various parts of the Restoration and send the false leaders away.


Isaiah’s prophesied, “Judgment shall I lay to the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the water shall overflow the hiding place.  And your covenant with death shall be dis-annulled, and your agreement with  hell shall not stand; when the overflowing Scourge shall pass through, ye shall be trodden down by it” (Is 28:17-18).

The appearance of the third man reminds me of another scripture in Isaiah: “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.  And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob” (Is 59:19-20).

You teach that our Lord will set His hand again a second time (Is 11:11).  The cited verse shows that it will happen when the enemy comes in like a flood.  Judgment began on the church first.  You were lighting a fire to gather and warm the saints, but the flood put it out.  That judgment on the church (I mean the entire Restoration) is almost over.  It will go to the world as the enemy invades our nation.  I believe you have foreseen the promised deliverance.  It involves you in some way.

I hope these thoughts help. 


Who Can Drive a Dozer?  

In my dream, it seemed we all had been traveling down a road but had come to a stop. Some men came up to me and said they were looking for someone who could drive a bulldozer to do some work on the road. I told them I had done some work with a bulldozer when I was working out in Idaho, and I would be willing to try. Thy took me and put me on the machine which was larger than the one I had used before, but I could work it. The road we had been traveling on was a new road. I could not see clearly what the blockage was, and since this was in the mountains I was concerned about rock slides which happen often on new roads. So I started work on a bypass quite a ways back from the blockage. I began to make a road off to the left like an exit road on the freeways except this was on the opposite side like an access road. I cut into the bank sufficiently to make it safe to travel down. As I worked down into a small valley I came upon an area that was level and clear. As I looked down the valley I saw the main road and how it led to a city. I parked the dozer and told the men that we could travel through the valley without making a road, to which they replied, good enough.

July8 2018 Joseph F. Smith