Song by Joseph Luff on pages 497-498, Vol 6, Church History 1913
  This hymn is of some importance as indicating the attitude of Elder Luff, 
toward the church in relation to the building of the Kingdom.


Brother Joseph feels verse 2 is of particular note for our day,
so too the whole song.


Sung to tune of "Shall We Gather Home to Zion"





Gathered where I have appointed----

Fed and nourished by my hand----

Chosen, planted, and anointed ---

Blessed people! Favored land!

What to you shall mean this token?

What the fruitage of my grace?

My word kept—shall yours be broken

And my covenant efface?



Will ye make of his my Zion,

Whence my glory forth may shine?

All my promise rely on

And henceforth be only mine?



Henceforth till the consummation

Of my purpose, who with me

Will in glad cooperation

Work, till they my glory see?

Will ye 'bide when peace hath taken

From the earth its lasting flight?

Will ye stand, nor e'er be shaken,

'Mid the gloom of lingering night?



Will ye – good for ill returning--

Enemies befriend and bless--

True discipleship discerning,

And the seal of righteousness?




Who, though death or dire disaster

Threaten every hope, will cling 

To my counsel, firmer, faster,

Whatsoe'er that trust may bring?

Will ye pain esteem as pleasure,

And each sacrifice as gain,

If thereby ye may the measure

Of your Master's stature gain?



By these tokens faith hath voicing,

Love hath exhibition clear:
These in heaven shall cause rejoicing,

And proclaim my Zion here.




Wist ye not when praying often 

That my will on earth be done,

Grace must first your spirits soften

And in service make you one?

One in sweet self-abnegation,

One in fellowship of love;

Without marks of wealth or station,

Save those mirrored from above.



One with me, in which blest union

God, and angels will combine;

Zion's light, by such communion

Will in glorious luster shine.