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Question:  Are You Mormons?

☞ Answer:  The name “Mormon” was attributed to the Church restored in 1830 through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., due to its belief in and adherence to the Book of Mormon.  We do believe in the Book of Mormon. The name “Mormon” has become synonymous over the years with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.  While we share the same beginnings and some similar beliefs, we are not the same organization, and our beliefs differ.


Question:  I am concerned about the authority of the one doing the baptism. Many churches baptize but is the person baptizing them called of God or just a graduate of a school and does that make a difference in these last days?

☞ Answer:  This is a very good question.  All authority comes from God.  In 1829 the keys, priesthood and ordinances were restored through angelic beings.  Those were reaffirmed in the official restoration in 1830.  A person must be baptized by one who has received (first) the authority of Aaronic priesthood through authoritative priesthood linked back in a verifiable unbroken chain to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., the Prophet Mauricio Berger or the Prophet Joseph F Smith. 


Question: What is the “Inspired Version” of the Bible?

Answer:  Right after Jesus’ death, men began trying to change the gospel teachings to suit their own agendas. The Bible was changed in its meaning with much of the full truth being minimized. The Holy Ghost showed Joseph Smith Jr. corrections that brought it back to the original meaning. That Bible is called The Inspired Version of the Bible.


Question: Was Joseph Smith Junior a polygamist?

Answer: No, but there was and still is a huge conspiracy to say otherwise. He was aware of the conspiracy and fought it ‘til the day he died, and his ancestors still profess his innocence of the behavior.

Link: Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy


Question:  I’ve heard of Joseph Smith and ancient Golden Plates – is that the Book of Mormon?

☞ Answer:  Yes, the Book of Mormon contains some of the writings of ancient Prophets of God who lived in the America’s approximately between the years 2200 BC –  421 AD.  These Prophets recorded some of their people’s history and testimonies of God the Eternal Father, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which leads men to all light and truth.  According to Christ, the Book of Mormon contains the gospel in a more pure form than the records which are called The Bible, as those records (the Bible) were processed by men to the extent that some important truths were lost.  Those ancient Prophets of the America’s wrote (or etched) on golden plates in their ancient languages and hid up the plates, along with stones which would be interpreters, for a future time and a future Prophet.  Those plates were delivered the 1st time, by the angel Moroni, to the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. in 1827.  Joseph was commissioned to only translate the first portion of the records which are now known as “The Book of Mormon”.   The book was published in 1830 under the copyright of Joseph Smith Jr. at first, and is available for reading through many avenues. 


Question: What is the “sealed portion?

Answer:  After the completion of the translation of the portion that Joseph Smith Jr. was commissioned to do, he returned the golden plates and interpreters back to the angel, Moroni, as he was instructed, with the understanding that the plates would be delivered at some later time, to another seer, to translate more of the records.  Those ancient records were indeed delivered to another person, Mauricio A Berger, who was commissioned by the angel Moroni to translate the second portion of those ancient golden plates, after which he returned the plates back to Moroni.  Mauricio and the prophet Joseph F Smith will publish that book in the near future.


Question:  What is Zion?

☞ Answer:  In brief it is Enoch’s city on earth that will be built up from below and will come down from above. Its  residents will be of one heart and one mind living the pure principles of the gospel of Christ and to which Jesus Christ will return and reign for 1000 years.



Question:  What are the gold plates made of?

☞ Answer:  The exact chemical makeup of the plates is unknown, but it is reasonable to assume that the plates are made of some type of gold alloy.  Pure gold is quite soft and would be easily damaged, and marred.  We know they are non-magnetic. Joseph has commented that what is most important is not what they are made of but what they contain!


Question:  I have heard that Mauricio Berger (and possibly others in Brazil) have seen and heard from Angelic beings (recently) and that these beings had a message for the Saints.  Who are they?  Did they appear as a human with flesh and bones?   Who has seen these beings?

☞ Answer: The angels that introduced themselves are Moroni and Raphael. They appeared as angels. Moroni taught that angels do have bodies – evil spirits do not. There are three witnesses as well as Mauricio.  Those witnesses are Joni Batista, Wagner Zeppenfeld and Valdeci Machado.


Question:  Did Moroni actually deliver the plates of the Book of Mormon to this  man in Brazil?  Who else has seen these plates?

☞ Answer: Yes,  Moroni did deliver them to a man in Brazil, named Mauricio Berger.  The other men who are witnesses of the plates of the Book of Mormon and have held and closely examined them are as follows:  Joni Batista, Wagner Zeppenfeld, Valdeci Machado, Joseph Smith, Bob Moore, Tyler Crowell, Gary Metzger, Samuel Gould, Kelvin Henson, David Gilmore, and Brad Gault.


Question:  I have heard that Mauricio Berger has been visited by and walked with the arch angel- Raphael!  I know that Joseph Smith Jr. was visited by the arch angel Raphael, so there is a precedence for that visitation in the Restored Church.     How many times has Mauricio met with the arch angel Raphael?

☞ Answer:  Probably around three times, but they may have met a few times before this event where he came in contact with the angle Moroni.   


Question:  Weren’t there actually 6 men in Brazil that saw the angels? Are Sergio and Jader Machado two additional men that didn’t end up being selected as witnesses? From Mauricio’s 2010 email to the Church of Christ-Temple Lot: “On February 4, 2008 I went up Monte Agudo with Sergio, Jader Machado and Joni Batista and we all saw a multitude of angelic personages in the heavens”.

☞ Answer: Sergio and Jader left Mauricio and joined the LDS Church. Beside those two there is Joni Batista, Valdeci Machado and Wagner Zeppenfield.

Question:  What is the message to the Saints from the Angelic beings, that the people in Brazil saw?

☞ Answer:  The 1830 Restoration was the first invitation of the parable of the wedding supper. (Matt 22:2) The work in Brazil is the second invitation. The first having failed to accomplish God’s work He is setting His hand the second time to recover His people.  Part of the message was to “tell the Saints they are RELEASED”, “released from bondage”.



Question:  Did anyone take photographs of the gold plates of the Book of Mormon?  Will they be posted somewhere?  If not, why?

☞ Answer:  The witnesses were allowed to take some photographs, but it was requested that we not show them to prove things. The Lord desired that people receive this work in faith, asking Him for evidence that this work is true.  In the future they might be shown.

Question: Apparently pictures were sent in emails of the plates, Laban’s sword and the Interpreters. But some images have been disputed. Why can’t official images be made available? Why was it alright to provide pictures at one time, but not now?

☞ Answer:  There has not been a time when it was alright to distribute the photos. Any photos were to be used for personal use only.  The witnesses received angelic instructions to use their wisdom to show the photos to believers. The thought was that people were to seek for evidence from the Lord, not from pictures that could be altered and used to discredit the work. 


Question: There have been discussions about whether the plates were bright and shiny as mentioned in Alma17:34, but verse 32 shows that this is about the Brass Plates. But it still seems strange that they should be tarnished, gold never tarnishes.

☞ Answer:  The plates are not solid gold, they are likely a gold alloy.  The plates are bright – only the outside plates have a film or sludge of some type from being buried in the ground when Mauricio was hiding them from those who were trying to take them.

Question:  I was told that the Sealed portion plates that were with the Book of Mormon plates are now opened!  Who opened them and by what authority?

☞ Answer: Mauricio emailed me (Joseph) that apparently the heat had caused the plates to swell and had broken the seal, but I informed him that 80 degrees would not cause that, but instead, the Lord had broken the seals.  Mauricio had been instructed that he was to “clip” the pins holding the “sealed portion” closed and he did that after all of the witnesses were assembled in Brazil. In front of them, he clipped the pins, freeing the sealed portion.

Question: I heard some say that the Sealed Portion was not going to go to the Gentiles until they repent and become pure. Repent of what specifically?

☞ Answer: The Restoration of 1830 came under condemnation by disobedience. A portion of the sealed plates were to be opened and translated to help the church to understand the pure principles of the gospel so that they can learn to become a people whose hearts are pure and whose minds are one in Christ Jesus.


Question:  I heard there is a sealed book within the sealed portion of the plates of the Book of Mormon?  What record is that?  Is that sealed book going to be translated?


☞ Answer:  The record of the Lord’s work from the beginning and the record of the Brother of Jared. Only a portion has been translated, and according to Moroni, it is enough to redeem Zion.


Question:  When is the translation of the newly opened 1st portion of the “sealed portion” expected to be completed?   and how can I obtain a copy of the translation of the “sealed portion”?


☞ Answer:  The 1st part of the Sealed Portion has been translated and was brought to Zion by President Joseph F Smith, Great Grandson of President Joseph Smith, Jr. on October 31, 2018, accompanied by Roberta and Tyler Crowell. We will announce when the Book has been published.

Question:  What is the current expected time that the Sealed Portion will be available?


☞ Answer:  Moroni left specific requirements which must be fulfilled prior to the publication.  Some of these requirements are that the USA witnesses of the plates and others, as designated by President Smith, are to be invited to read the translation afterwhich they will make a statement regarding the contents.  That “1st study group” is currently going through the sacred text.  Next, the translation will be prepared for printing and after complying with all legalities and requirements the manuscript will be printed.  The expected date of availability is April 6th, 2018.


Question:  What is the state of the Church and Priesthood restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. today?  AND, what of the people who come against this work?


☞ Answer:  Since the Church fell under condemnation in 1832 and remained so, it has been rejected by the Lord for the building the Temple and establishing Zion, a restructured Church must come forth in the original Priesthood authority to rescue the repentant and further the work of the Lord. The judgement of those coming out against this work initiated in Brazil is in the hands of the Lord.   Joseph F. Smith    05.11.2018


Question:  I have heard mentioned that the saints will come together and build “the temple”.  What temple is this, and where will it be?


☞ Answer:  “The temple” is the first temple in Zion that the church was commanded to build. See  D&C 94 RLDS  or  D&C 97 LDS.  It will be located on the original spot for the temple that was revealed to Joseph Smith Jr. in March 1831.



Question:  What will the temple look like?

☞ Answer: Unless other light is given the temple will follow the description given to Joseph Smith Jr. on June 25th, 1833.  It will resemble the Kirtland Temple, but it will have several changes.



Question:  How and when will the temple be built?

☞ Answer:  Many of the details and timeline of the construction of the temple are still unknown.  As we receive more light on this we will post it.



Question:  Is Joseph F. Smith related to the Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.?”

☞ Answer:  President Joseph F Smith is the Great Grandson of the Prophet and President Joseph Smith Jr. through whom the Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth in 1830.  His genealogy is as follows:   Joseph Frederick Smith (1935-present), son of Arthur Marion Smith (1880-1964) and Katherine Smith (1894-1988), son of Alexander Hale Smith (1838-1909) and Elizabeth Kendall (1845-1919), son of Joseph Smith Jr.  (1805-1844) and Emma Hale (1804-1879), son of Joseph Smith Sr.  (1771-1840)and Lucy Mack (1775-1855).



Question:  How much of the sealed portion will Mauricio Berger be translating?

☞ Answer:  What was previously thought to be 1 sealed portion, was revealed to be 2 parts.  When the seal was opened by Mauricio Berger, in the presence of 11 witnesses, they all saw and testified that after turning through the sealed portion there was yet another sealed portion which is still intact.  The first part of the portion previously referred to as “the Sealed Portion” has been translated by  Mauricio. The second part, which remains sealed, will be read by Christ in the temple in Zion.



Question:  It is claimed that Mauricio Berger’s translating the sealed portion violates Ether 1:100 RLDS.  Is this true?

☞ Answer:  In Ether 1:100 RLDS, we read, in regard to the things of the sealed portion, “they shall not go forth unto the Gentiles until the day that they shall repent of their iniquity and become clean before the Lord.”  To many people, this suggests that Mauricio’s translating the sealed portion is not scripturally sound, since that condition has obviously not yet come to pass.  However, in his words regarding the translation of the plates, in Ether 2:1 (RLDS), Moroni states, “therefore, touch them not in order that ye may translate; for that thing is forbidden you, except by and by it shall be wisdom in God.”  In saying this, Moroni very clearly provides an exception to his commandment not to open the sealed portion



Question:  Some pictures of plates and a sword are circulating through various channels. Are there more pictures that can be shared?

☞ Answer:  Martin Harris “desired a witness” that the plates that Joseph Smith Jr. had “testified and borne record” of were true. Joseph Smith Jr. received a revelation that asserted that the Book of Mormon’s authenticity would be validated by its message, not by seeing the plates.  “…if they will not believe my words, they would not believe you, my servant Joseph, if it were possible that you could show them all these things which I have committed unto you” (RLDS) D&C Section 5:2c (LDS 5:7).  The primary evidence of the translated portion of the sealed portion will be its words. Moroni’s advice regarding the Book of Mormon applies: “And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; And if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost; and by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things” Moroni 10:4-5 (RLDS & LDS).  A few pictures are now circulating that are being used to both try to prove, as well as  disprove the authenticity of the plates. With all of the technology that is available today, it will become increasingly difficult to know which pictures are authentic and which have been intentionally altered. Because of that, it is believed that the idea of making pictures available online is not wise.  We pray that all will exercise Moroni’s admonition. Read what will come and pray with real intent, having faith in Christ, that, by the power of the Holy Ghost, the truth will be known.



Question:  It has been claimed that the plates are a forgery that were based on the forged Anthon Transcript made by Mark Hofmann. Is this true?

☞ Answer:   The Hofmann transcript does not match the entire back plate of the golden plates that we examined.  The 8 witnesses compared the two and testify that some portions are the same and some are very different.  While the seal on the Hofmann transcript looks the same as the seal on the back plate, the characters within are actually significantly different.



Question:  In his testimony on October 29th, 2017, Joseph F. Smith stated that the characters on the plates feel smooth.  According to the accounts of Joseph Smith, Jr. and the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, they are “engraved”.  Why the discrepancy?

☞ Answer:  Shortly after Joseph’s sermon, Bob Moore further described the characters as being “etched”–“composed of tiny parallel lines”–but of a very small depth.  After the 8 witnesses visited Brazil in April 2018 and held and finely examined the plates for themselves, they reported that the characters are not, in fact, smooth; they were able to feel the indentions that would be expected with engraved metal.  Some variance was described by each witness according to the sensitivity of the individual’s fingers and the way in which they were touched. Many older people have lost sensitivity in the finger tips. Joseph Smith was 83 when he handled the plates. They indeed felt smooth to him.

Question:  What are the dimensions of the plates that all 12 witnesses have held?


☞ Answer:  Bob Moore states that the stack of plates is about 4 1/2” thick x 8 3/4″ x 6 ¼.″  They are very heavy. Joseph estimated that the plates weigh around 50-60 lbs.



Question:  In their testimonies, Joseph and Bob indicated that the interpreters were broken. Why was this allowed to happen?

☞ Answer:   People ask, how could the Lord allow someone to break the stones which had been prepared to translate?  We can as easily ask, after preserving the records for thousands of years, how could the Lord have allowed Joseph Smith to give away and loose the 116 pages of translated text? Why would he entrust the plates to someone who would do such a thing? The Lord has allowed many people to do things that were not his will and yet still had a way to accomplish his work in spite of those mistakes.  While Moses was communing with the Lord on the mount the people he had led out of bondage had created gods of their own make. When Moses came down from the mount he saw the wickedness of the people that God had led out of Egypt with an outstretched arm. Because of that wickedness he broke the stone tablets which the Lord had given him. He was told to make new stones and the Lord would write upon them again with his finger.  Several times through the stones he had been given, Mauricio saw devastation coming upon the land of Zion because of the wickedness of its people. For this reason he broke the stones. He had wanted to see something good, something beautiful, not devastation from the Lord. One stone was broken in half and the other shattered. He was told to make new stones to replace the shattered one. Moroni fused together the stone which had been broken in half and he chose an acceptable stone from the new ones which had been made and put engraving upon it so it could be used for translation. Whether it is the stones of Moses, the stones for translation, the small plates of Nephi or a wayward people, the Lord always has a means to remake, recover and restore. -Tyler Crowell



Question:  Now that the interpreters were broken, how could the plates be translated?

☞ Answer:  One stone was broken in half and was fused back together by Moroni. The other stone was shattered.  Mauricio was instructed to make several replacement stones and Moroni selected one of them. It was prepared to use with the other repaired original stone for translation. Just like Moses was instructed to make other stone tablets to replace the first, the Lord provided a way for the translation to occur.



Question:  The 8 witnesses reported that on the cover of the second part of the sealed portion that there was a beautiful engraven picture. What did it look like?

☞ Answer:  Upon seeing the picture and being amazed at both it’s absolute beauty AND it’s inclusion as the cover to the “sealed portion”,   many of the witnesses were speculating about the meaning!  Mauricio took the interpreters and the plates and removed himself into a private room, wherein he received the interpretation.   Bob has stated that the beautiful engraved picture is of the book of Revelation, John’s vision on the Isle of Patmos.



Question:  Who are the 8 North American witnesses to the plates of the Book of Mormon and “Sealed Portion”, the interpreters and the sword of Laban?  AND, which parts of the Restoration do they come from?


☞ Answer:  The 8 North American witnesses are: Joseph F. Smith (formerly Temple Lot/RLDS), Samuel Gould (Temple Lot), Bob Moore (RLDS),  Tyler Crowell (RLDS), Gary Metzger (RLDS), David Gilmore (RLDS), Brad Gault (RLDS), & Kelvin Henson (RLDS).  Joseph and Bob are the only men from N. Am who have seen and held the Sword artifact.



Question:  Who are the 4 South American witnesses to the plates of the Book of Mormon and the “Sealed Portion”, the interpreters, the sword of Laban as well as Heavenly Messengers?  And, what parts of the Restoration do they come from?

☞ Answer:  Mauricio Berger (LDS), Valdeci Machado (LDS), Joni Batista (LDS), & Wagner Zeppenfeld (LDS).   These men have recently been baptized (again) and confirmed under the Priesthood authority of Joseph F. Smith.



Question:  How can I view the witnesses’ testimonies?

☞ Answer:  All of the witnesses’ recorded testimonies are available under the “Witnesses” Tab in the top menu.



Question:  Tell us about the Sword.

☞ Answer:  The first one that was shown (photo of the sword) that had kind of a white backdrop, I want you to understand that I had that conversation, a very detailed conversation with Mauricio, under the speaking of tongues and the interpretation of tongues between the two of us. And so I know of a surety by the Holy Spirit that what he said was true. And that is that he does not know how that first sword picture entered into the letter. He said he did not put it there; it was not the sword. And indeed it is not a Hebrew sword. The one that looked like it was Hebrew, was kind of cut short, and it’s shown at a different angle, the sword blades are in opposite directions. And one sword is cut short to make it look like it is not the same sword. It is the same sword. It was before it was cleaned up by Mauricio and his helpers. The details of cleaning up that sword were shared with me. The sword was not in their possession when we were there. And so I can only trust what the Holy Spirit had given on that. The sword had begun to deteriorate. And as you know, it is a bimetallic structure. Gold and steel, Steel acts as a cathode and the gold is an anode and so that electrolysis takes place that actually eats the metal of the sword. And so it was put back into Moroni’s protection. Mauricio does not know how that first sword picture got into the document that was sent to The Church of Christ. It was not his doing, and we cannot speculate how that happened. But that was not the sword of Laban. In the hilt of the real sword, there are three letters pressed in it. They are Hebrew letters. And they are the letters for Lathan or Lavan (??)  Showing that it is Laban’s sword. Thank You.   Samuel Gould 3.31.2018



Question:  This is to Bob. I was wondering if Mauricio was able to visit the plates for years before like Joseph Jr. did. I think he visited three years and then picked them up the forth year. And I wondered if Mauricio did that.


☞ Answer:  Mauricio received the plates on April 6th, 2007 when he went to the hill. He was driving back to where his family was, was sleepy and stopped in his home town. So he knew that it was safe there. And he slept in his car.  He was woken, he said, by the angel Raphael who led him up the mountain. And at the top of the mountain he met Moroni and received the plates and interpreters and sword. And Moroni accompanied him down the mountain. And he took them. He had them until approximately the year 2012. They were taken back from him at that time because he did two things. He had translated the first book in the plates which is the Book of Lehi and gave that translation to the LDS church. And also he was reading in the plates about the destruction that was prophecied to come upon America and saw that destruction. He said it was worse than any picture that he saw of Germany after World War II. And it was so grievous to him that he thought at that point … he thought that maybe perhaps his friend Jader’s accusations were right and in the pain of seeing that, he broke the interpreters. And for those two reasons, Moroni took the plates back. He did not regain possession of them again until January of 2017 when Joni, Valdeci and Wagner and Mauricio ascended the mountain and learned to contact us. That is when they received the plates again.  Bob Moore 3/31/2018



Question:  Where in the scriptures does it say that Christ will read the sealed portion in his temple?


☞ Answer:  In those exact words I don’t believe I know where that would be. But I think there is something that addresses the issue which is found in 2 Nephi chapter 11 verses 130 through 132. Referring to the books as sealed. “For the book shall be sealed by the power of God, and the revelation which was sealed shall be kept in the book until the own due time of the Lord, that they may come forth; for behold, they reveal all things from the foundation of the world unto the end thereof. And the day cometh that the words of the book which were sealed shall be read upon the house tops; and they shall be read by the power of Christ; and all things shall be revealed unto the children of men which ever have been among the children of men, and which ever will be even unto the end of the earth.” It is my understanding that the point of time in the earth when that will be done will be the time which those situations and conditions would be existent. It doesn’t say that Jesus will read them in the temple, but it says they are read by the power of Christ.  And that certainly could be fulfilled by that.  Gary Metzger 3.31.2018



Question:  Brother Samuel mentioned that we’re factions playing in the foothills.  How do we get from the foothills to Mount Zion?


☞ Answer: The instrument that we were given to take down the walls that Joe (Joseph) and I and others, the other workmen who were with us, with that pure testimony, we were able to take down those walls. It cut through those solid stone walls. Some of them were intricate and had developed over years and years. With great cleverness it cut through those walls. And as the workmen remove those walls, that whole heritage of Zion began to rise up on that mountain towards the summit. And that is what the promise is of this work of the Lord  -  the second invitation.  Samuel Gould 3.31.2018


☞ Answer:  I want to add to that.  As a people we have to repent and remember that we have fallen far short of what the Lord has asked the Restoration to do. We need to repent of our sins, go back and pick up the work that was laid down when the saints were driven out of Jackson county.  Joseph F Smith 3.31.3018


☞ Answer:  The Lord Jesus asked the people to remember the weighted matters of the law of mercy, judgement and faith. Thus remember righteousness, peace and joy, faith, hope and charity. Let’s learn to major in the majors.  Gary Metzger 3.31.2018



Question: To brother Joseph. At the time you received the plates, how did it happen?

☞ Answer:  We were taken into a room, and Bob and I were sat down, and Mauricio and the three witnesses were there. Two of them went out and they came back in with a board that had something on it with a covering. And when they took the cover off, there were the plates. If you want to know how I felt. I couldn’t even get out of the chair. I was so overcome with the Spirit that was in the room. It just filled the room with a power beyond anything that I can explain. It took me a little while to get up. And when I did I asked them if I could hold them in my hands. And they handed them to me and I was able to turn the plates.  Joseph F Smith 3.31.2018



Question:   I appreciate your brothers testimonies and the humility in which you shared and the cautiousness that you went down to Brazil with. My question is this: if I am understanding, and I want to clarify and make sure I understand correctly, he first got these eleven years ago. And over this eleven year period of time, he also offered it or presented it to the LDS church. And they turned it down. And the Temple Lot church. And they turned it down. Is this correct? And why did they turn it down?


☞ Answer:  Having been in the Temple Lot church, I was in the ministers meeting where we discussed it briefly. I believe it was back in 2014, it might have been 2013. But it was quite a few years ago. And the reason given at the time is that our budgets had already been allocated and so there were not really funds to expend and it would have been an expensive endeavor. And also the next statement was that it seemed like the story out of Brazil had changed over the three year  period. And so for those two reasons; that’s to the best of my recollection.  Samuel Gould 3.31.2018