Tyler Crowell


For The Cause of Zion

(Whole Transcript Below)


My name is Tyler Crowell, and I welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ with a great desire to receive you in the Spirit of God, because I know that it is his Spirit that draws us here today, and it is His Spirit that calls to us and the mighty things that are going to come forth on the earth. And He is preparing a people. He is preparing you for that time that is before us. And He is working in mighty ways to bring to pass and fulfill His scriptures, so that you can be participants in the things which are to come, so that you can receive of the blessings, because of the things that are going to be poured out by the Lord upon the earth.



And I want you to know that if you turn to Jesus Christ, you can be in the hollow of His hand. You can have that protection from Him. Remember that he said that the ones that the Father had given him, no one would be able to pluck them out of His hand. And so now it is very important for us to turn to him, to repent with all our hearts, and come to Him and be saved, and receive his salvation. We need to learn to walk in the Spirit by faith. We need to learn to hear his voice. We need to learn to walk with him every day. We can be a strength to each other to support one another in that. We can build that kingdom in our midst. 


But I didn’t come to preach to you. I came to share my testimony, and I started to write it out. I’ve got one line, so I’ll read that. 


I want to share with you and place in you, so you will know the richness of the Spirit that was there with us in Brazil and the love we have for our brothers and sisters there which I know are your brothers and sisters also, because I know if you experienced what we did, you would feel the same way we do. 


And I share that, because when I returned from Brazil, the testimony that was radiating in me was this scripture from Moroni chapter 7 that says a bitter fountain cannot bring forth good water, and a good fountain cannot bring forth bitter water. And so I knew. And in that passage it says you can know as clear as the daylight is from the dark night, what is of God. And so I brought back with me the testimony of all the fruit of the Spirit and all the manifestations and gifts of the Spirit that were present among us. And I knew. It was like being at a reunion. You think of the best reunions you’ve been to, and you can take the cream of the crop of those experiences off the top and pack it into two days. That’s what we had there. Blessings poured out to us from the Lord.


And I know he is no respecter of persons. And I have been on a journey since last October when I heard this. It took me several weeks to get over the shock of what I heard. I kept saying, “Could this be true? Could the Lord be working among us?” Because we’re kind of in this position where we look back at the wonderful things that the Lord has done in generations before us, and we look forward for Zion with that hope. And yet, we are looking at a day where God will be able to move among us in a mighty way. And beginning right now. 


And so that good fruit when we were there, it’s kind of typical of the breakfast we had. We had these beautifully colored fruit. Papaya and Mango. Beautiful orange and beautiful yellow, vibrant colors. They were sweet and they were delicious and they were juicy. And those fruits on our plates were typifying of the love in the hearts of the saints that were there. And so that is why I say that I wish I could share with you and take you there with us in that experience, and how beautiful it was, and how the Lord poured out His Spirit among us. 


And so, I want to tell you a little bit. I can’t begin to tell you in ten minutes of my testimony and my journey, but I can tell you that I heard on October 30th for the first time the testimony of our brothers Joseph and Bob. And I was in awe. And I listened to that. I was home early from work and when my son got off the bus and came in the house, I sat him down in the living room and I said, “I’m ready to sell our house and live in a tent if we can have the opportunity to live in this holy city, to live in this New Jerusalem, this Zion.” Because the things of this world are no long of any value to me. And I will trade them all to have that opportunity.  


And that night I had a dream and my house was full of people that had come to hear. They wanted to know. And I know that there is a great hungering and a thirsting in the land to drink from that living stream, that pure fountain of good water. And I know that is what the Lord is offering us now.


And the Lord took me on a journey. And I experienced things that I have never experienced before in my life. Like David said, I had never had a vision, I had never had the Lord’s audible voice speak to me. I’ve looked all my life for the things in the sky. I thought, “wouldn’t that be wonderful, to hear his voice, to have a vision.” But that wasn’t a gift I ever received until these last few months. And the Lord was giving me help, because when I heard that news, something happened to me, and it was like I was taken from a sound sleep laying down to being wide awake, and there was a trumpet blasting in my ear. The Lord began to work with me and I felt a power I’d never felt before.


And I wrestled, as Dave said, with all those questions, with all those uncertainties. I learned how we fill our minds with the gaps. It was mentioned that tomorrow we are going to remember in a special way the resurrection of the Lord. And I remembered that those first witnesses to His resurrection came and brought the good news to the first hearers, and the first hearers didn’t believe it. They said, “It’s just your emotion. You’re getting carried away with your imagination. You want to believe so badly, that it’s true.” And so those first witnesses, the women, I can’t imagine what they might have felt. But the men, the first hearers, they got their opportunity too, to see Jesus and to know, and then they were sent out into the world to testify of that truth. And my, how the story changes. 


And this is what I want to say to you, to finish my testimony today, that I was convinced by the power of God in a way that I never could have imagined. I had all those thoughts stacked up and all that uncertainty in my mind. And I had no solution for it. And I brought it to the Lord, and I couldn’t have imagined the reply He gave. I can’t even describe it to you. I can’t even begin to try. I’ll try someday I know,  if the Spirit of God is there. But I thought about what that was and the only words I could bring to it, and I’ll try to explain to you --- because I was in a predicament. I had a problem. I felt like I was being called to be a witness. And with all those testimonies I’d had, the visions I’d had, the experiences I’d had in the last few months - I felt like, that’s edifying for me, Lord. But of what benefit is any of that to the people who are going to hear, because they have heard so many, and they are weary of these claims. And I said, “I don’t feel like I have what I need.”


And then on March 20th, Tuesday morning, the only words I can give you is that the power and dominion and authority of the presence of God was opened to me. And in that power, and in that presence, and in that authority and that dominion, all the thoughts of the human mind, all the interpretations, the arguments, all the opinions, all the reasoning was brought to insignificance, and was brought into subjection. And it existed in an entirely different realm. Because what I stood before was ... (I don’t want to use human words, because I know those words are thrown around so carelessly), and yet I realize that the Lord had answered.


And now I have a new predicament, and that is how can I describe that experience which I had! And so the Lord is helping me with that, just as he will help you, because he is no respecter of persons. He’ll answer when you come to him in faith.


I feel like I was that guy in the scriptures who was out plowing his field, minding his own business, and the Lord called him. I feel like that guy who was… like the men who were mending their nets on the shore and they heard a voice that would forever change their life.


And saints, I want to tell you it’s true. Yes, it is true. And so we need to prepare ourselves now for what is coming and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

And it is in His name I bring you this testimony. Amen”