Valdeci Machado


For The Cause of Zion

 Joint Testimony of the Three South American Witnesses




By the power and mercy of our Heavenly Father and our Master and Redeemer, yes, Jesus Christ, we bear our witness to all nations.

The nature of this testimony is to briefly describe what we have seen, heard and touched:

After some time with Mauricio Berger, who told us about the events on Mount Agudo, we decided to accompany him to the mountain. We can say that everything we have seen there has an extraordinarily sacred character. The prayers and praises offered to the Lord in that place, seeking to do the will of the Father, resulted in the visit of celestial beings; the instructions received directly from the Angel Moroni, are events that have marked our lives forever and ever. We squeezed his hand and received from him the Golden Plates, the translating stones and the Sword of Laban, formerly in possession of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. This sublime circumstance had a powerful effect on our beliefs by enlarging our perception of this great and marvelous work.

We affirm that, by the power of God, the Sealed Book of Mormon will be translated, contained in the plates.

We know, therefore, that the translation will take place in two time periods. The first part that belongs to Maurício Berger (in fulfillment of the prophecy of 2 Nephi 27: 21-26 LDS, or even 2 Nephi 11: 143-147 RLDS), with the intention of calling His people again to repentance. Upon completion of the translation, we understand that will be fulfilled what is written in 2 Nephi 30: 3 LDS, or 2 Nephi 12:80 RLDS – where it is clear this Record will be sealed back to the Lord in accordance with Ether 4: 7 LDS or Ether 1: 101 RLDS. Qualifying your people to receive the second part.

We place our witness at the disposal of the world, with a deep sense of gratitude and a total sense of responsibility towards God who directs this work. We solemnly affirm that by our fidelity to this testimony our garments will be clean at the last day.

In vain will be the one who stands up against the work of God. Honor and glory be for ever and ever, the Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, in whom we entrust the conclusion of this glorious work. Amen.

Joni Batista, Valdeci Machado, and Wagner Zeppenfeld

Valdeci’s Testimony
As told by Joni Batista

Brother Valdeci ascended the pulpit in an imposing way holding the Book of Mormon in his hands. He began his testimony declaring the love he felt for the brothers in the chapel where, for a long time he attended, and gathered with those people, serving in the best possible way, the brothers of that ward. 


He then spoke affirming that the restoration began through Joseph Smith, who saw God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith Jr. translated the gold plates, given to him by Moroni, by the gift and power of God, and it is known as the Book of Mormon. At this moment he raised the Book with his right hand, saying this is the fruit of the work of Joseph Smith, which we know to be from God and contains the principles of the gospel. 


Brother Valdeci continued saying that many prophecies contained in the Book of Mormon have not yet been fulfilled, and some are being fulfilled in our day, and that one of them is 2 Nephi 27, where he clearly explains that this prophecy is fulfilled in two time periods, a period in the time of Joseph Smith, and another period in this time in which we live.  It is clear that in this chapter the Lord orders Joseph Smith not to touch the sealed things, implying that he did not translate the entire Golden Book. 


 Brother Valdeci invited the brothers and sisters to look into the scriptures with a real desire to understand and do God’s will. He told the brethren that it was not to believe in him, but it was for the brethren to give themselves the privilege of doubt and thus to consult God to know if the things that are happening right before our eyes are true or not.


   Brother Valdeci spoke of the lineal priesthood which now rests in Joseph Fredrick Smith, who is called by God to warn the saints of Missouri to leave their differences and to prepare themselves for the building up of Zion, through the knowledge that will come from the sealed portion.  Brother Valdeci stated that the sealed portion was translated by Mauricio Arthur Berger by the gift and power of God in two languages, Portuguese and English. 


He closed in the name of Jesus Christ. 

(As relayed by Brother Joni Batista)