For The Cause of Zion

Joseph F Smith’s
Vision of the Bound Woman.

In my dream or vision, I saw a woman dressed in a dirty gray gown, kneeling on her knees with her hands tied behind her. Her face was pale as were her hand and feet. She was engulfed in a liquid up to her neck, that at one time seemed to have been crystal clear, into which had been added something that had caused strips of discoloration to appear. The liquid then had become solidified and during that process had formed cracks on the surface. I then saw workers begin to put wedges into the cracks and begin to drive them down until they began to break pieces off from around the woman. As they pulled the sections away I could see on them the forms of her body where it had pressed against her. As they cleared her body free from the substance which had engulfed her she stood up. I was handed a knife that was very old and rusty yet sharp with which I cut the bands that bound her hands. She was then given a clean white gown at which time I saw a smile appear upon her face and the color began to return to her face, hands and her feet. In that moment she then stepped forward in royal beauty as I had seen her many years ago as the Church of Jesus Christ.


Joseph F. Smith - Interpretation

June 18, 2018

My vision

In my vision, the woman is the Church, the dirty gown is her condition today, kneeling she is in the attitude of prayer for her helpless condition, the hard substance is the will of man that has imposed false restrictions that have bound her hands, the wedges are truth that will break apart those restrictions,  the knife that is handed to me is the word of God that will sever the binding and release her hands so that she can again do the work God has prepared her to do.